Service and Maintenance Plans 

Five Diamond Lawn Maintenance Program (Commercial / Residential Plus) 

This program includes: Mowing, edging (around sidewalks, driveways and beds), blowing (sidewalks and driveways), necessary applications of fertilizers, hedge trimming, weeding of beds, spring spruce-up, fall cleanup, re-mulching of beds twice per year, planting of annuals (flowers). 

Premium Lawn Maintenance Program (Commercial / Residential accounts) 

This program includes: Mowing, edging (around sidewalks, driveways and beds), blowing (sidewalks and driveways), one mulching per year, hedge trimming, and weeding of beds. 

Deluxe Lawn Maintenance Program 

This program includes: Mowing, edging (around sidewalks, driveways and beds), blowing (sidewalks and driveways), and one mulching per year. 

Summer Lawn Maintenance Program 

We will service your property weekly through the months of March through November as needed. This will include: Mowing, edging (around sidewalks, driveways, and beds), blowing (sidewalks and driveways). 

Any service that is not included in the program that you choose can be added at your request and can be added to your monthly bill or paid separately. 


Initial install - we will assist you in designing the right landscaping for your property with cost and your properties security and VALUE in mind. 

Landscape Makeover - we will assist you in taking your existing landscape and redesign it to suit your needs while taking cost, home owner's association requirements while increasing your homes beauty and value. 

Our Color Program - We will add color to your plant beds 2 times annually. This will assist in upgrading the look of your beds and gardens. (Spring and Fall) 


Irrigation made simple and affordable. Let us design and install a irrigation system that works for your needs. Commercial or residential we 

have you covered in zones.


Initial installation - for new properties we can install your initial sod for you at an affordable price. 

Lawn reconditioning - we can repair large patches of dirt and weeds by installing sod in these areas for you. 

Complete Sod Replacement – If your lawn is beyond repair we can kill off all grass and weeds and do a complete sod replacement for you. 


This is an easy way to give your property a facelift. We offer many types of mulch at the guaranteed lowest prices. 


We will analyze your property and apply the necessary fertilizer to feed your lawn and ornamental plants. We use only the highest rated fertilizers and soil conditioners on the market to secure the best results for your lawn. We guarantee better service and price than the competition. Plan can be used with maintenance program or separately. 

Planting / Weeding Beds 

We can weed your beds for you or we can weed them and plant new annuals to add life to your beds. We have a maintenance plan that fits all needs, small or large. 
Have a tree that needs to be replaced or planted? Yea we do that! 

Spring Spruce-up 

Service includes a one time visit to complete the following to get your property spruced up for the spring and summer season. 
Mow, edge, blow, 
pressure wash house, decks, and driveways 
Gutter cleaning 
Weed gardens, Trim hedges 
Replant necessary foliage 
Apply necessary spring fertilizers to optimize the "green" of your lawn 

Fall Cleanup 

This service includes a one time visit to prepare your property for the winter months. 
Mow, edge, blow 
Pressure wash house, decks, and driveways 
Gutter cleaning 
Weed gardens 
Trim Hedges 
Leaf removal 
Apply necessary fall fertilizers to optimize the "green" of your lawn in the spring. 

Pressure Washing 

Make it look new again!
We can pressure wash your home, business, driveways, decks and sidewalks to give it a fresh "new" look

Snow and Ice Removal

Commercial and Residential snow and Ice removal. When it's cold outside it can be hazardous for you and your clients. 

We perform snow pushing and ice melting to clear sidewalks and parking lots. None to small or large.

Real Estate Services

We can provide complete Real Estate services for you in one simple step. Our licensed Realtors can help you sell, stage inside and out or help you find and negotiate

for that new perfect home you're looking for. Randy Polster 615-444-5197mls#44011 Firm ( Hodges and Fooshee) 615-400-8515 

GreenFoot Landscaping LLC.

New Lawns, old lawns and all those in  between can always use a little help. We have just the plan to make things better . Call us to take your next step.

Maintenance Programs

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